South sang a frustrated, angry, all over the place emotional wreck of a woman, who ultimately wanted revenge. She presented us with complexity and passion in both voice and aspect...a dramatic turn by Zoe South (announcing her reason for kidnapping "The Man"), it was truly stunning, and as an audience member it literally smacked you in the face with its intensity.
The Woman, When a Man Knows, Bridewell Theatre - Opera Britannia

South's powerful, rich voice fills the small theatre like she's a Fury from a Greek tragedy.
The Woman, When a Man Knows, Bridewell Theatre - Classical Iconoclast

Her expansive soprano is capable of both the plangent and the napalm-dramatic ('No negotiation!'). The highlight of the evening's singing was her central 'When my husband died...' aria.
The Woman, When a Man Knows, Bridwell Theatre - Framescourer

A gripping, flammable low register pulled all the way back to a surprise pianissimo at the top of the Veil Song lulled me into a false sense of security; her O Don Fatale whipped the ground of act 3 from under the King's feet, blew it straight out of the doors and against the side of the IMAX over the road. Thrilling.
Princess Eboli, Don Carlo, St. John’s Waterloo – Framescourer

The Eboli of Zoe South offered a gripping Veil Song in Act I, her singing wonderfully fluid throughout the wide tessitura of the aria.  Ms. South is a dramatic soprano rather than a true mezzo, imbuing the part with an altogether different sound than one typically hears.  If some vocal shading seemed sacrificed at first, the lower end of her register quickly impressed, her chest voice rich and strongly supported.  Her assumption of the role only grew as the opera progressed, and she contributed a noteworthy ‘O don fatale’ in Act III, splendidly sung and resonant with emotion.
Princess Eboli, Don Carlo, St. John’s Waterloo – John de Wald, Opera Britannia

“The leading ladies were impressive. Zoe South was a very assured Jane Seymour.”
Anna Bolena, The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury - Roger Jones, Gloucestershire Echo

 “I was very taken by Zoe South’s Giovanna - her voice never forced, had an impressive range, and she successfully captured the hopeless impotence of the other character”.
Anna Bolena, Civic Theatre, Chelmsford - Michael Gray, Chelmsford Weekly News

“And members of the cast excelled in their roles.  Zoe South took centre stage in every respect as Lady Macbeth, and carried Verdi’s typically Italian, intricate melodies with style and poise”.
Macbeth, St. Andrew’s Church, Frognal Lane - Camden New Journal